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Anjana K


Hi, I'm Dr. Anjana K. I had been with ATP from 15th Feb to 20th May. I'm very satisfied and happy with my journey with ATP. And I succeeded in reducing 10.5kg overall.

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1st month - 3.3 kg loss 2nd month- 4 kg loss 3rd month - 3.2 kg loss Challenges I faced was that I had hostel food on most days, Night shift duty on some days and also, I was addicted to tea & coffee. But I overcame my challenges with the help of ATP. I overcame tea coffee addiction, got a drastic inch loss and 10.5 kg weight-loss.


My lifestyle was haywire. I never had any control or order over what I was eating. I used to grab anything at any time, So much so that my weight was nearly touching 90kg. I often tried different types of dieting-no-carb, Intermittent fasting, exercising at the gym, etc., but they never brought any change in my weight

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What made me choose ATP and continue with ATP was the convenience of working out from my home, and the timing was the most suitable for me. I am a person who has a priority towards family. I could find "My time" for self-care in the early hours of the day when the rest of the family was sleeping. All the members of the ATP team are so professional and dedicated. Hats off to the well-qualified dieticians who were there round the clock to support me on my weight loss journey. The commitment of Megha made me wonder how she is managing to give me advice and follow up with my diet every day; though we get a weekly one day as a rest day from the exercise, Megha or rest day from the exercise, Megha or any other member of the ATP don't get a rest day. Megha made me enjoy eating healthy food by providing fabulous recipes for soups, Jowar, Ragi, Bajar, Millet dosas, Ice cream, salads. Seeing the numbers descend on the weighing balance every week was a joy for me. The workouts done every day early in the morning increased my strength and gave me new energy, and of course, I need not mention the body toning it brought. Now people are asking me: "Ethu collegeil anu padikune!" even though I am hitting a half century Once again I thank my dietitians' for their guidance and encouragement to follow a healthy diet & of course the Fitness coaches who helped me loose about 18 kg of my weight during weight loss journey. 8:40 am


Software engineer

Hello.. I'm Gowri, from Ernakulam. I have completed three months membership with ATP. I could not attend the closing ceremony. I really missed it, as I was super excited to share my experience and express my gratitude. Anyway I use this opportunity for that.

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I was 77.15 kgs when I joined ATP. I have lost almost 10 kgs within 3 months and now I weigh 67.20 kgs. The journey with ATP has changed me a lot. The challenge now onwards is to maintain this healthy routine and thus to live healthy and happy life. I am not currently working. I have a baby one and half years old. As I am alone in our flat during daytime, it was very difficult to manage household works along with looking after him. My weight had got stuck at 77 kgs after delivery and was not reducing in any manner. I had tried to workout, but couldn't follow on a regular basis. Aside , my PCOS symptoms made me lazy, a foodie and at the same time in a depressive state of mind. I was totally fed up with my bulky body. I came to know about ATP from many youtube videos. Then I started searching about ATP in detail. Even after that, I was afraid to join if I could follow a routine punctually. I was doubtful whether I could get a result. So it took some time for my husband and me to finally decide to join ATP. One fine day we decided to join, thinking let see what happens. But, MAGIC happened. I successfully reduced my weight. On this occasion, I convey my gratitude to the whole team of ATP, and especially my nutritionist Ansiya. She understood my situation and advised me right. She has been very supportive, encouraging and understanding. Apart from these, to be frank, I felt I have someone who is there for me, to take care of my health. I will try my best to maintain this healthy lifestyle, ma'am. As a feeding mother, I was not tensed about milk production as my dietician provided a balanced diet including milk, curd and paneer. All I had to concern was portion control and not to eat junk food items (being a vegetarian, inclusion/exclusion of non veg food was not a concern). I opted for recorded workout sessions. Workout videos provided were very effective, I felt the calories burning. I felt my body turning more flexible and energetic. My sedentary body has now become active and flexible. It reflects on my mindset also. I feel myself more cheerful, confident and lively. Once again I thank team ATP and my dietician Ansiya for saving my life from unhealthy lifestyle. I thank my husband who always supported and stood with me during my transformation journey. I will certainly recommend ATP to my friends. Thank you so much.

I joined ATP in Feb 2022 and I weighed 79.8 kg. Today after 3 months with ATP, I got to reduce my weight to 64.8 kg. I have lost 15 kg overall. ATP educates us a healthy lifestyle and never encourages any short cuts to weight loss.

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I owe ATP and Aswathy for a healthier, happier and fit me. Thank you guys

Mohammed Shemeer

I am Mohammed Shemeer, have been with ATP for a month. My starting weight was 99.2kg and now reached 88kg. Reduced 11.2 kg in total. I have completely stopped tea (was having 3-4 times tea earlier), now eats food on time, gained self-confidence. I am working as a call centre agent (hence full time sitting), and was having neck pain & back pain earlier. These pains got reduced due to weight loss.

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Hitha Krishnan

My name is Hitha Krishnan. I joined ATP program at a starting weight of 76.4kg. In the 1st month with ATP, I got to reduce 5kg and the 2nd month, reduced 3.1kg. With the 3rd month journey with ATP, my weight reduced by 3.2 kg. Totally 11.3 kg, a great transformation, all with the dedication & effort of the team and myself.

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Challenges I faced were Vitamin D deficiency, addicted to morning tea, was XXL size & had less self-confidence. I overcame them and my Vitamin D level came to normal level, XXL size to medium, overcame the addiction of morning tea, also intakes food on time, gained self-confidence & reduced 11.3 kg of my weight.